Eben Gilkenson

My Neglected Blog (Since 1997)

I registered this domain over 25 years ago. The site has gone through probably a dozen or so complete rewrites since then. There have been brief periods of regular activity, but it has often languished for years with nothing but a placeholder page.

I gave up on social media quite some time ago, so this is really the only way I have to get anything out into the world. It’s a slow drip of content, for sure, but it’s mine.

With each new rebuild, I would love to say I’m going to get into a good blogging routine, but past performance suggests that’s unlikely. I’ll have a handful of posts about the new platform and then one or two random thoughts before I build it all over again.

At least I’m going on nearly eight years of maintaining content (if not always permalinks) from one build to the next. So whatever is here now will hopefully be here in the future.

To the future 🍻.