Eben Gilkenson

Prevent The Last Word In A Title From Wrapping By Itself

Update: CSS to the Rescue!

In 2023 both Chrome and Firefox shipped the text-wrap: balance property, which solves this problem without any non-breaking space hacks. Safari has it in Technology Preview, so all browsers will support it soon.

This feature is a great example of progressive enhancement, as well. Nobody’s site will break if it’s not supported, they’ll just see slightly less elegant typography.

This is a handy utility function to insert a non-breaking space between the final two words in a string. I got in the habit of doing this in WordPress with a title filter and wanted to have the same feature available when building Javascript sites.

I’m sure someone more clever than myself could manage this with a regex, but this works for me.

function smartTitleWrap(title) {
  const words = title.split(" ");
  if (words.length <= 4) {
    return title;
  return words.reduce((string, word, index, array) => {
    if (0 === index) {
      return word;
    } else if (array.length - 1 === index) {
      return string + String.fromCharCode(160) + word;
    } else {
      return string + " " + word;
  }, "");
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